Hurricane damage minor on Dauphin Island. AOS will meet at United Methodist Church Hall

Dauphin Island

AOS Field Trip Chair Andrew Haffenden, an island resident, reports: “other than rough surf and the west end road being flooded, open only to residents/renters, there’s been no real effect here that would affect the meeting with the exception that Pelican Peninsula has taken a battering, and all the sand parts are under waved-topped water; I have no idea what it will be like Saturday, though I will be checking tomorrow.  Not even enough rain to make the shell mounds bowl soggy.”

Because of a major maintenance problem at the Shelby Center, the Fall AOS Meeting will return to our familiar venue at the Dauphin Island United Methodist Church Fellowship Hall, 302 Key Street, Dauphin Island 36528. The last-minute change of venue was necessitated because of breakdown of the HVAC system at the Dauphin Island Sea Lab’s Shelby Center, where the meeting was originally scheduled to take place.  The Shelby Center will be closed for a number of weeks while the system is replaced.  We are grateful to our many friends at the DIUM Church for giving us a great venue for our Fall meeting at such short notice.