Alabama Birdlife features significant sightings for Fall, 2020 on the AOS website

Sightings columns appear in each issue of Alabama Birdlife, usually with spring/summer and fall/winter groupings. These reports present the most significant seasonal occurrences in the AOS area (Alabama and the Florida Panhandle). With each record is an explanation of why it is important. Reading through these columns is a great way to learn more about bird distribution in our area. You may even see some of your own sightings.

Accompanying the reports are select top photographic examples of the included birds. In the past, due to cost restraints, most of the photos accompanying these reports have necessarily been printed in monochrome, and have often been small in size. Future issues of the journal are planned to be published both in traditional hardcopy print and in digital PDF form, with the latter offering images in color. To showcase these fine photos, a new feature of the AOS website is to present the same images, grouped by seasons, as in the journal. You can view them in a separate window designated for each issue. This is accomplished either automatically in a running slide show, by moving forward and backwards with keyboard arrow keys, or by clicking the arrow tabs at the sides of the images.

Basic data for each image includes species, photographer, date, and location. How should you learn the reason for their inclusion (other than the excellent photography)? Well, of course, become a member of AOS and read the journal article!     –Greg D. Jackson